Yogam Fitness Club Presents an Exciting Summer Training Program for Kids and Teenagers in Salt Lake, Kolkata

Are your kids spending their summer holidays glued to the TV or engrossed in video games? Break the monotony and introduce them to a fun and active summer training program at Yogam Fitness Club, Salt Lake, Kolkata. Our program combines indoor and outdoor activities along with refreshing yoga sessions, ensuring an enriching and engaging experience for children and teenagers.

  1. Indoor Training for Skill Development: During the summer training program, participants will engage in three days of indoor training sessions. These sessions are designed to enhance their physical fitness, build strength, and develop essential skills. Our experienced trainers will guide them through a range of activities, including functional exercises, strength training, cardio workouts, and agility drills. Indoor training will help them develop a strong foundation, improve endurance, and build confidence in a safe and controlled environment.

  2. Outdoor Training for Exploration and Fun: To add an element of adventure and exploration, we have included three days of outdoor training sessions in our program. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in various sports and recreational activities, such as football, basketball, athletics, and team-building exercises. Outdoor training not only improves physical fitness but also fosters teamwork, sportsmanship, and social interaction among participants. It is a great way for kids and teenagers to step out of their comfort zones and experience the joy of being active outdoors.

  3. Yoga Sessions for Mind-Body Balance: In addition to the physical training, we emphasize the importance of holistic well-being through our dedicated yoga sessions. One day per week, participants will engage in calming and rejuvenating yoga practices that promote mental focus, flexibility, and stress relief. Yoga sessions will help children and teenagers develop mindfulness, improve posture, enhance body awareness, and cultivate a sense of inner calm. It is an excellent opportunity for them to learn valuable techniques for managing stress and maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

Conclusion (50 words): Don’t let your children waste their summer holidays sitting at home, watching TV, or playing video games. Enroll them in Yogam Fitness Club’s Summer Training Program in Salt Lake, Kolkata, and provide them with an exciting and enriching experience. Our program offers a perfect blend of indoor and outdoor activities, along with rejuvenating yoga sessions, ensuring that they stay active, learn new skills, and have fun during their break.

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